Ok, but what is it!?

That's the number 1 question that comes up after I give a quick summary of the World of Facts' goals:

Fight misinformation by gamifying fact-checking and creating a novel logical tree for humanity’s knowledge.

To better explain, here's a 300-word summary...

-- What is it --

The World of Facts is a user-driven encyclopedia born from the desire to have a novel, public, tree of knowledge. It will help anyone not only verify the truth about a statement, but also the reasoning behind it.

-- Why is it important and why now --

Social media is fast becoming people’s primary source of news, but most posts never get fact-checked before being disseminated. It is extremely difficult to verify this content at scale and there is no fast, engaging and easy way for people to verify the accuracy of what they see. Existing tools like Wikipedia or Snopes fall short as they do not show logical links between facts.

Currently, unverified sources are used to inform opinions on crucial issues like COVID-19 and elections. It is thus imperative that we act now to empower everyone in finding the truth, using reason and logic.

-- How we will win --

The World of Facts will be the most reliable source of truth available online. The system will be backed by an ever-growing database of facts, organized in a way that makes it possible to instantly verify new information as it trickles in. A novel gamification process will incentivize participation while preventing bad actors from biasing the process.

Misinformation is an obvious problem, but the solutions are not; they are extremely difficult to find and implement. The World of Facts is nonetheless ready to take on this critical mission that can truly have a positive impact on the world we live in.